1. Tummy time is the perfect way to introduce your little one to the fun they can have out there in the big wide world. Start whenever you feel ready by placing them on your chest with their cute little belly down for a couple of minutes, taking care to support their neck the whole time. Repeat 2-3 times a day when they’re happy and smiling.

2. As they grow big and strong they’ll be able to lie on you for longer. Gradually build up the length of time they spend on your chest until they are ready to be let loose on their new tummy time mat.

3. Our mats are the perfect way to make every minute of tummy time truly magical. Lay them down gently and then get down at their level so they can see your face. As they enjoy your smile whilst meeting all the colors and animals they’ll develop strength and coordination for when they are ready to use their hands, start crawling and amaze you with their walking.

4. Getting the most out of your time on your new mat is all about picking the perfect moment. Choose moments when baby is well rested, happy and alert. Straight after diaper changes is ideal, after feeding times is not. Lay them down on the mat and help them find their favorite fishy friend.

5. If your little one gets a bit grumpy it’s really important to give them a break. Put your mat to one side for a couple of days and try a different activity. Then when you get it back out and reintroduce them to tummy time, they won’t be able to resist getting on the mat and exploring their new world all over again.